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How Can I Improve My Breakroom?

Your breakroom is just as important as your office space. It’s more than just space for your employees to refill their coffee or chow down their lunches. The status of this seemingly simple room lets your employees know how much you care about them and what type of culture they’re working for. This is [...]

Pros and Cons of the Cubicle

The environment you create in your office has a direct impact on your employee’s efficiency. Nowadays, office design trends range from open, resimercial office spaces to the traditional cubicle setup. If you’re stuck trying to decide which direction to take your office layout, consider these pros and cons. 5 Advantages of Traditional Workstations The [...]

How Can I Improve My Reception Area?

How can I improve my reception area? Creating a friendlier and more inviting reception area can have a major impact on your client’s or patient’s experience. It can help calm anxiety while also giving your brand or business a boost. And, it can even strengthen patient/provider relationships. You don’t need an entire office redesign [...]

2019 Office Design Trends

2019 Office Design Trends Modern office design trends are continuing to evolve in 2019. Although you’ll still find traditional, big wooden desks, offices are tending to sway towards ergonomic furniture and shared-spaces. Here are our 4 predictions for office design trends in 2019! “Smarter” Office Furniture As technology and research advances, it’s become apparent [...]

Where to Buy Used Office Furniture

Where to Buy Used Office Furniture Office furniture can have an astronomical effect on everything from your experience at work to your employee's health. But high-quality doesn’t necessarily have to mean high price. By working with iSpace Office Interiors, your local Indianapolis office furniture store, you can still get all the benefits of great [...]