Office Lighting

Who needs more lighting?

Typically younger employees are attracted to darker work areas and older employees like their workspaces to be better illuminated. However, employees may have different lighting needs depending on the type of task they are trying to accomplish. iSpace will work with you and your team to determine the proper amount of light that is needed for your employees to be the most productive and efficient that they can be.

What does new office lighting look like?

Office lighting can be as noticeable as a modern style desktop lamp to as concealed and under-hutch LED strip-style lighting. iSpace has many different lighting options depending on the specific needs of your company.

Where is office lighting needed?

Every office layout is different; therefore every office is going to need lighting in different places. iSpace works hard to understand your people and your process to be able to best advise you with different lighting options.

When does office lighting become an issue?

Good office lighting can easily go unnoticed. It is something that often gets taken for granted. However bad office lighting not only hurts your employee productivity, but it also sends a bad impression to customers and clients.

Why is proper office lighting important?

Proper office lighting is a crucial factor in both employee productivity and efficiency. Employees who struggle with improper lighting will spend more time trying to read business materials which ultimately means that they are not performing to the best of their abilities.