Office Sound Management

What is Sound Masking?

Sound masking is the technology iSpace Office Interiors utilizes to achieve speech privacy for a specific area that is plagued by distraction and discomfort.  This is done by adding neutral noise to the background so as to render the distracting noise powerless.

What are the benefits of sound masking?

Now it’s time to discuss speech privacy.  If I know you’re talking, can even hear you, but can’t understand what you’re saying, then I am experiencing speech privacy (and so are you!).  The reason speech privacy is important is twofold:

  • Privacy
  • Productivity

How does sound masking work?

Adding noise to unwanted noise seems counter-intuitive, doesn’t it?  The logic is that the white noise employed is non-repetitious broadband sound.  There is no natural pattern, but rather sound at all frequencies.  The magic happens when these sounds fill in the spectrum, so that workers, patients, and anyone can tune it all out.

In hospitals, this means more relaxed and better-rested patients; in the government and military world, this means private conversations; and in the workplace, this means a less stressed and more focused environment for maximum employee engagement.

How the VoiceArrest system provides privacy & comfort.

The good news is that privacy and comfort are not mutually exclusive.  A low-level background sound is produced by speakers placed in the plenum and an adaptive sensor placed in the sector with the speakers that is both adaptive and adjustable.  You’ve heard of a smartphone?  Well, this is the smart sound masking system in that it anticipates what changes need to be made and adjusts automatically.  The sensor measures the disruptive noise and automatically adjusts the volume higher or lower depending upon the moment’s specific needs.

This system represents sound masking at its best in that it is highly effective all day. *The background noise emitted by the speakers will adapt based on the needs of the workplace, fluctuating higher and lower as is necessary.

How much will a noisy workplace cost you?

Intelligent, Adaptive Sound Masking